Killing The Old Ways out now on Paradiddle Records!

Happy to announce my third album Killing The Old Ways is out now on Paradiddle Records! Here is what folks are saying about the album so far:

“Mancini stands poised between fatalism and faith, plumbing universal emotions with an almost unassuming mix of craft and feeling that inexorably pulls you in.”
– No Depression

Killing The Old Ways is Mancini’s strongest outing yet, a rangy, penetrating, consistently tuneful examination of the current American moment that leaves no doubt you are in the hands of a gifted artist.”
– The Daily Vault

Killing The Old Ways finds Mancini charting his way through heartfelt character portraits, exploring expansive new soundscapes and poignant storytelling.”
– Under The Radar

“Mancini interrogates what kind of America, exactly, it is we’re preserving in Americana music, using the genre to call attention to the fallacies of the past and the absurdities of the present.”
– Adobe and Teardrops

“[Killing The Old Ways] has all the right ingredients – rural country atmosphere, rock ‘n roll spice, all intensified by bits of nostalgia, melancholy, and haunting sounds.”
– Americana Highways

“[Old Television] is one giant lip-smacking overstuffed burrito of all-Americana power pop.”
– Holler

“…if Big Star had tried their hand at political music, they’d land somewhere around Madison Avenue Blues.”
– The Boot

The album is available on Vinyl/CD/Digital over at Bandcamp:

Thank you to everyone who has supported the album so far. The Hillside Airmen will be celebrating on 4/22 at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC by playing the album in full! Tickets available at

Madison Avenue Blues premiere at Under The Radar!

Happy to announce Madison Avenue Blues, the second single from Killing The Old Ways, is premiering over at Under The Radar!

“Killing The Old Ways finds Mancini charting his way through heartfelt character portraits, exploring expansive new soundscapes and poignant storytelling… He works in a world of contrasts, enlacing soulful beauty within melancholic reflections.”

Stream Madison Avenue Blues below. Killing The Old Ways is out April 8th on Paradiddle Records. Pre-order on CD/Vinyl/Digital at Bandcamp!

Old Television video premiere at Holler!

Happy to report that the video for Old Television is premiering over at!

“You know you’re listening to a truly great songwriter when they make a story about the most mundane objects sound like a tale of existential profundity. It came easy to John Prine; Tom T Hall was the master of it; Brandy Clark does it all the time. They pick up an object and turn it over in their hands until it comes to life as a metaphor for the very essence of the human condition – heard in songs like Johnny Cash’s ‘Ragged Old Flag’, Guy Clark’s ‘Randall Knife’ or George Jones’ ‘Grand Tour’.

Add to that list ‘Old Television’ by New York songwriter Pete Mancini. The first single taken from his forthcoming album, Killing The Old Ways, was produced by Matt Patton from Drive-By Truckers during the pandemic summer of 2020. Featuring a broad selection of guests and contributors, a bombastic expansiveness is brought to the cinematic country folk of Mancini’s previous work.”

Stream Old Television and pre-order Killing The Old Ways on CD/Vinyl/digital at Bandcamp!

Old Wooden Cross/Potter’s Field out now on Bandcamp!

Old Wooden Cross/Potter’s Field is out now on Bandcamp! Today is Bandcamp Friday, which means 100% of sales go directly to the artist. 

Old Wooden Cross/Potter’s Field was recorded in the Summer of 2020 at Dial Back Sound in Water Valley, MS. It was produced by Matt Patton (Drive by Truckers) and Bronson Tew. Jamison Hollister (Dwight Yoakam) plays pedal steel on both tracks. Old Wooden Cross is a peace offering for a polarized and chaotic world. Potter’s Field is a co-write with Travis McKeveny.

All proceeds from Potter’s Field will be donated to Backline, a 501c3 non-profit that connects music industry professionals and their families with mental health and wellness resources. To learn more, visit

Back in Bakersfield Video Premiere at American Songwriter!

Growing up in New York, Pete Mancini gained some traction as frontman and songwriter of rock band, Butchers Blind… He is now tying Bakersfield and his Americana roots together in latest single “Back in Bakersfield.”
-American Songwriter

The premiere for the Back in Bakersfield video is live over at American Songwriter! The video was directed by Jody Gambino of JTiL Productions and was filmed at the Lantern Sound Recording Rig in Manorville NY. Read the article HERE and check out the video below:

‘Flying First Class’ 2019 Lists!

Flying First Class has made two end of 2019 lists at The Daily Vault and Culture Sonar! Thanks to everyone who bought and listened to the album. Stay tuned for new music in 2020!

“Singer-songwriter Mancini followed up his excellent 2017 solo debut Foothill Freeway with this year’s more expansive model of Americana. On Flying First Class, “Mancini explores a rich palette of sounds across these nine tracks, infusing each with an authentic love for roots music and the tools it offers to tell tales of people facing down troubles of all kinds with little more than heart and grit to get themselves by.”
– The Daily Vault

“On 2017’s Foothill Freeway Mancini staked a not unconvincing claim as the Springsteen of Nassau County with a sideline in Byrdsy jangle. But for the follow-up, he dips into folk balladry, alt-country, Americana, and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll (among other things), all shot through with a winning combination of blue-collar compassion and self-effacing lyrical smarts.”
– Culture Sonar

“Pay it Forward”

Throughout our hectic day to day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the persistent darkness that has pervaded everyday American life over the last few years. We are always looking at some screen, reading the latest ominous headline. We are divided. The core belief that humanity is good and altruistic gets lost in the frenzy of information that is the modern world. Sometimes we are lucky to have an experience that reminds us we aren’t nearly as divided as we think we are; that we are still tethered to the core values of kindness and giving. As I write this from Black Mountain NC, I am still blown away by the random act of selfless generosity I experienced while at Americanafest in Nashville. 

Around 8PM on the last night of the Fest, I went to grab a bite to eat after a great gig at Dee’s in Madison. I was pulling out of the parking lot and ran over the strange object in the picture below. I still have no idea what it was/is. When I pulled over to see what happened, the air was draining from my tire fast. To make things worse, my phone was about to die. I called AAA, but they are only available to tow or help put your spare on. I decided to change the tire myself and get a patch or new tire the next day before heading to Knoxville. I emptied the contents of my trunk (guitars, amps, etc.) onto the grassy shoulder of Nolensville Pike, and started to change the tire. I am fortunate that my good friend Nick Loss Eaton was nearby, and came by to help guard my equipment and change the tire. Exasperated problem solving conversations slowly turned to laughter. What can ya do? Shit happens. 

As we got the spare on and started tightening the lug nuts, a truck pulled up. A man walked over to us, wearing an O’Reilly Auto Parts shirt. 

“You boys need help? I have my impact driver with me. Full size jack too so you don’t have to use that thing.” He pointed at my flimsy Volkswagen jack.

As two automotively challenged songwriters, Nick and I decided that yeah, some help would be awesome. We explained the situation to him and showed him the strange object sticking out of my tire.

“I live right around the corner,” the man said. “Give me a minute and I will grab my patch kit, and we will get you guys moving.” 

A few minutes later the man returned with the rest of his tools, removed the strange object, patched the damaged tire, and put it back on the car with his impact driver, NASCAR style. We used Nick’s recently acquired portable inflator to get the newly patched tire to a healthy 38 PSI. Just like that, it was as if I hadn’t run over anything in the first place. 

“Can we offer you anything man?” I asked. “You saved the day here. It’s the least we could do.”

“Don’t worry about it. You ever see the movie Pay it Forward? The kid from the Sixth Sense is in it. All I ask is that you pay it forward. If you see someone that needs help, help them. Don’t ask questions, just help.”

We were stunned. This man who had just gotten out of work in the Tennessee heat went out of his way to help two complete strangers. We finally introduced ourselves. His name is Eric. We gave him copies of our latest albums, as it was, again, the least we could do. 

“Y’all play weddings? I’m getting married next year.”

We chatted for a few minutes, shook his hand, and then he was off. He got us on the road again just in time to catch the tail end of Hayes Carll’s set at Basement East. I don’t know if we will ever hear from Eric again, but I know if he asks me to play his wedding I will 100% be there, guitar in hand. A simple random act of kindness can go a long way. It serves as a reminder of what really matters. Like my buddy Zeus in Knoxville says, “there’s too much darkness out there, we need to be lighthouses.” Be a lighthouse. Don’t ask questions. Just pay it forward.


‘Flying First Class’ out now!

I am happy to announce that Flying First Class is available now wherever fine music is streamed or sold via Diversion Records. Purchase/streaming links available at the Diversion Records website.

Pete Mancini - Flying First Class - COVER

Flying First Class is a first-rate roots rock album, and reveals Mancini’s considerable flair over a range of songwriting styles.” – Melissa Clarke (Americana Highways)

“It’s hard to believe Mancini hails from this area; his earnest voice and songs of world-weary struggles put him in line as a worthy successor to John Prine and John Hiatt as a premiere singer/songwriter whose work is destined to be covered by dozens of artists.”- Bob Smith (Good Times Magazine)

“Mancini is an expressive songwriter who never hesitates to wear his emotions on his sleeve if that’s what it takes to share his sentiments with his listeners.” – Lee Zimmerman (The Daily Ripple)

“Mancini explores a rich palette of sounds across these nine tracks, infusing each with an authentic love for roots music and the tools it offers to tell tales of people facing down troubles of all kinds with little more than heart and grit to get themselves by.” – Jason Warburg (The Daily Vault)

“New York rocker turned Americana singer-songwriter Pete Mancini paints a broad picture of our society while teaching a survey course on how folk and country music shaped the first 20 or so years of rock ‘n’ roll with his sophomore solo album Flying First Class.” – Bobby Moore (The Daily Ripple)

“High lonesome melancholy that sits at the corner between Americana and blues… that kind of sincerity is as punk as it gets.” – Rachel Cholst (Adobe and Teardrops)

“Mancini proves to be the essence of Americana, purveying folk, rock, bluegrass, pop, and rockabilly – all sung clearly and honestly. Mancini is no newcomer but perhaps this is his breakout opportunity. He certainly deserves it.” – Jim Hynes (The Daily Ripple)

I am also happy to announce the Flying First Class Summer tour! Sign up for the mailing list to get the most up to date schedule. There are also new merch items available right here on the website. Neat!

FFC tour poster