Killing The Old Ways out now on Paradiddle Records!

Happy to announce my third album Killing The Old Ways is out now on Paradiddle Records! Here is what folks are saying about the album so far:

“Mancini stands poised between fatalism and faith, plumbing universal emotions with an almost unassuming mix of craft and feeling that inexorably pulls you in.”
– No Depression

Killing The Old Ways is Mancini’s strongest outing yet, a rangy, penetrating, consistently tuneful examination of the current American moment that leaves no doubt you are in the hands of a gifted artist.”
– The Daily Vault

Killing The Old Ways finds Mancini charting his way through heartfelt character portraits, exploring expansive new soundscapes and poignant storytelling.”
– Under The Radar

“Mancini interrogates what kind of America, exactly, it is we’re preserving in Americana music, using the genre to call attention to the fallacies of the past and the absurdities of the present.”
– Adobe and Teardrops

“[Killing The Old Ways] has all the right ingredients – rural country atmosphere, rock ‘n roll spice, all intensified by bits of nostalgia, melancholy, and haunting sounds.”
– Americana Highways

“[Old Television] is one giant lip-smacking overstuffed burrito of all-Americana power pop.”
– Holler

“…if Big Star had tried their hand at political music, they’d land somewhere around Madison Avenue Blues.”
– The Boot

The album is available on Vinyl/CD/Digital over at Bandcamp:

Thank you to everyone who has supported the album so far. The Hillside Airmen will be celebrating on 4/22 at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC by playing the album in full! Tickets available at

Published by Pete

Pete Mancini is an NYC based songwriter formerly of Butchers Blind.

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