Old Television video premiere at Holler!

Happy to report that the video for Old Television is premiering over at Holler.country!


“You know you’re listening to a truly great songwriter when they make a story about the most mundane objects sound like a tale of existential profundity. It came easy to John Prine; Tom T Hall was the master of it; Brandy Clark does it all the time. They pick up an object and turn it over in their hands until it comes to life as a metaphor for the very essence of the human condition – heard in songs like Johnny Cash’s ‘Ragged Old Flag’, Guy Clark’s ‘Randall Knife’ or George Jones’ ‘Grand Tour’.

Add to that list ‘Old Television’ by New York songwriter Pete Mancini. The first single taken from his forthcoming album, Killing The Old Ways, was produced by Matt Patton from Drive-By Truckers during the pandemic summer of 2020. Featuring a broad selection of guests and contributors, a bombastic expansiveness is brought to the cinematic country folk of Mancini’s previous work.”

Stream Old Television and pre-order Killing The Old Ways on CD/Vinyl/digital at Bandcamp!

Published by Pete

Pete Mancini is an NYC based songwriter formerly of Butchers Blind.

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