‘Flying First Class’ 2019 Lists!

Flying First Class has made two end of 2019 lists at The Daily Vault and Culture Sonar! Thanks to everyone who bought and listened to the album. Stay tuned for new music in 2020!

“Singer-songwriter Mancini followed up his excellent 2017 solo debut Foothill Freeway with this year’s more expansive model of Americana. On Flying First Class, “Mancini explores a rich palette of sounds across these nine tracks, infusing each with an authentic love for roots music and the tools it offers to tell tales of people facing down troubles of all kinds with little more than heart and grit to get themselves by.”
– The Daily Vault

“On 2017’s Foothill Freeway Mancini staked a not unconvincing claim as the Springsteen of Nassau County with a sideline in Byrdsy jangle. But for the follow-up, he dips into folk balladry, alt-country, Americana, and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll (among other things), all shot through with a winning combination of blue-collar compassion and self-effacing lyrical smarts.”
– Culture Sonar

Published by Pete

Pete Mancini is an NYC based songwriter formerly of Butchers Blind.

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