‘Foothill Freeway’ available now!

I am happy to announce that ‘Foothill Freeway’ is available now on Paradiddle Records!  I had a great time at the Patchogue and NYC release shows, thanks to everyone who came out to support and my musician friends for lending their talents!

The album is available for streaming and purchase at Bandcamp, as well as the Paradiddle Records website.

“Just as Roger McGuinn, Gram Parsons and company had done decades earlier, Mancini’s crew crafts a warm, organic sound bearing deep country roots, but still informed by rock ‘n’ roll.”

“With a deep sense of purpose and tremendous craft, Mancini catalogues the foibles and failings of men and women, lovers and nations, a tapestry of all-too-human humanity.”
-The Daily Vault

“Like the perfect pair of your favorite boots, caked with dirt and broken in from excessive wear, this is a record that will stand the test of time and surely get its use from the owner.”
– Red Line Roots

“‘Foothill Freeway’ contains ten tremendous songs by a singer songwriter who is at the very peak of his powers and who should really be spoken of in the same way as Farrar, Tweedy, Adams were in their early days of worldwide acclaim…”
– American Roots UK

Foothill Freeway is by far Mancini’s strongest work yet.”
– Adobe and Teardrops

In addition to these reviews, check out a few interviews I did with NewsdayThrow the Dice and Play Nice, and The Daily Vault.

The response to the album has been great, thank you all for your support!  Stay tuned to this page for more updates and shows!

Published by Pete

Pete Mancini is an NYC based songwriter formerly of Butchers Blind.

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