‘Foothill Freeway’ available May 4 on Paradiddle Records!

Pete Mancini is the frontman and primary songwriter of Butchers Blind, a critically acclaimed rock band from NYC. His debut solo album Foothill Freeway explores the Americana influences that are a hallmark of his work with Butchers Blind.

For this album, Pete was inspired by the story songs of artists like Guy Clark and Bruce Springsteen. This storytelling influence is on full display throughout the title track, “Foothill Freeway”, which features a sparse arrangement reminiscent of Jason Isbell and Jackson Browne.

In addition to the original songs on the album, Pete tackled renditions of songs by Russ Seeger, Wes Houston and Iain Matthews, who is a guest vocalist on “Cartwheel Avenue”.

The self-produced album will be released May 4th on Paradiddle Records, and features contributions from Iain Matthews (Fairport Convention, Plainsong), Buddy Woodward (Dixie Bee Liners), Russ Seeger (Last Hombres), Jonathan Preddice (Miles to Dayton), Cassandra House, Travis McKeveny, Skip Krevens, and members of Butchers Blind.

Pete and his band will celebrate the release of Foothill Freeway with a show at the Patchogue Theatre’s ‘Live in the Lobby’ series on May 4th. Stream the title track “Foothill Freeway” below:

01 – Sweethearts of the Rodeo
02 – You’re Gonna Change
03 – High Wind Slick Roads
04 – The Hardest Way to Part
05 – Foothill Freeway
06 – To Be Alive
07 – Knowlton County Township
08 – Rented Room
09 – Cartwheel Avenue
10 – Something Missing

Published by Pete

Pete Mancini is an NYC based songwriter formerly of Butchers Blind.

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